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 As a Member of The Legion of Grim Willed Warriors (GWW),

you will be granted exclusive glimpses into The World of Grim through our Members Portal.   These may include advance viewing of new chapters, sneak peeks at book illustrations, exclusive invitations to special Grim events, and access to the author's Q & A Forum.

 The Underground, Grim's official newsletter, will keep you apprised of the new and exciting things available to you in the Member's Vault.


Oh! And we should also mention that, already in production, and soon to be released, are collectible Grim Willard items, with you, our GWWs,

being the first to have access to these!

Also, on occasion, The Legion may be called upon to assist Grim’s Production Team in voluntary polls, surveys and other input. You might be privy to some pretty controversial stuff relevant to Grim’s World.  This also means that Members of the Legion may receive private emails from Grim asking for your support or rewarding you for your membership and service. 

So, Join us for what’s next in

The Adventures of Grim Willard, A Grim Beginning,

A Grimmer End!

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 Sneak peeks 

Like THIS!

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