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The Adventures of
Grim Willard
A Grim Beginning, A Grimmer END!
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Part 1

Near the End, Yet Before the Beginning
The Negotiation

‘So, Merganzer, you old rat, tell us then, what do you think… I mean - what do you really think?’

‘Well, I’m not so sure what you want me to say, Thrain, but it is NOT likely what you’re thinking.  The truth is that I don’t think either of you would listen anyhow.  With that said, I need to give due thought before I decide as to whether I’m going to say anything, or not.’


We start our story under a large, near endless, domed ceiling.  Large enough that from where we are, up here looking down, that it is impossible to see exactly where it ends.  Looking around it feels like we are in a room that is so vast, it’s like being under one of those massive old-fashioned three ringed circus tents, times ten, and then multiplied by ten once or twice again.  So large, that even from up here it is impossible to see where it ends.  Another difference is that it feels brighter, less physical, more ethereal.  Not only that, but with looking up, the ceiling seems alive, as it functions as a mirror reflecting those down below.  Only, not necessarily as they are, but, am I right in saying, as they once had been.


Look!  Down there.  Do you see those three?  They are the ones we just overheard talking? 


Well, how about we move in closer?


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