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An Introduction,

The Documentarian

Before we go on, an introduction is in order.  Both to me, as well as to the nature of the world of worlds we all exist within.

Only first, it’s important for you to know that I’ve been around longer than most.  Because of this, over the ages I’ve seen many things.  Much of it mundane, thus forgettable, yet other things, due to their fantastical nature, I will never forget.

As for my name, I’d rather not say.  Besides, who I am doesn’t really matter.  What I will say though, is that I am a documentarian.  What I mean by this is, well, you might say that I’m a hunter and gatherer of stories, which is true, yet this doesn’t quite sum up exactly what I do.  To clarify, I guess you might also say that it is my job to identify, and record, the specific events which tie significant stories together, doing this with the hopes of creating a proper narrative.  I do this so that future scholars, whom, years from now, with looking back at the past with the hopes of gaining some insight into what brought things about, will have an easier time following what actually happened, thus making it easier for them to unearth important lessons.  In other words, if I was to work on a farm, it would be my job to separate out the wheat from its chafe, leaving the unneeded historical chafe on the field.  Doing this with the hopes of creating a tasty cereal which a scholarly mind would like to consume.

Now, as per the physical nature of the ME, you see, I’m not going to pretend that I am an immortal, although you might come to think of me that way.  What I will say is that I’m one of the ancients, and, as I hinted earlier, that I am older than most.  Because of this, on account of my work, it has afforded me a long term view of our worlds.  Interconnected worlds; worlds with many levels, some of these worlds existing beyond, some hidden within.  In each case they are worlds where multiple realities, often contrasting, even diametrically opposed, can, and do exist.  I know this, as I’ve made it my business to study these worlds.  Doing what I can to figure out, and to explain, how these overlapping worlds all fit in.

And Yes, I do find my work to be interesting.  In fact, there is nothing else I’d rather do.  I say this despite the fact that much of what happens is pretty blasé.  Not only that, but history tends to repeat itself.  Which, if you take these two things together this might leave one to believe that history is both boring and predictable.  The beauty is, though, that there are always so very many things happening.  And amongst these I can’t help but to find new and exciting things.  Also, when history does repeat, it’s not so bad, as it never repeats in exactly the same way.

The truth is that there is a sort of magic related to knowing that history tends to repeat.   I guess what I’m saying is that, with knowing how things have happened in the past, this knowledge can give me a heads up on what might be coming.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that my understanding of history gives me the ability to divine the future, not unlike a seer.  In other words - knowing our past helps the likes of me to see when big things are coming.  This is because when certain types of things happen they tend to lead to another, and another, and yet to another, which together can take on a certain destabilizing power.  Due to this, when I come across things unfolding in this manner, well, these combinations of events, patterns of a sort, they sound a certain kind of alarm.  An alarm which informs me that something big is coming, and that it’s time for me to take my ringside seat.

I say ringside seat because, for me, with watching these worlds unfold, it is like watching a dizzying show; a show akin to those three ring travelling circuses of old, a Big Top tent where a universe full of excitement exists.  This is because each Big Top tent is home to multiple worlds; where each one of the circus rings found inside are a world unto themselves.  Worlds which are each overseen by a ringmaster, a conductor of sorts, whom organizes and directs the actors and the players within.

As for the nature of the many and varied acts contained within these three ring circus tents.  The worlds encased within those magical canvas walls, well, I have to tell you that each and every ring is uniquely different.  Not only that but each ring plays host to many shows within, with these shows often happening at the same time, simultaneously overlapping.  Let me give you an example:



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