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Who, Other Than You?

By: Grim Willard



other than you

see the dark things

hidden within you?



I’ve got to tell you,

despite what you think,

despite how well you think you’ve hid them,

to others

there are tells

which tell the tales

of the dark things

which lurk inside you."


An outtake from 'The Adventures of Grim Willard' - 'A Grim Beginning, A Grimmer End' by Grim Willard.  


copyrighted.  All Right Reserved.

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First off, and most importantly, at its root, The Adventures of Grim Willard is a story which is written in a manner that encourages its readers to become critical thinkers, to find ways to understand others and to gauge situations by way of viewing things through more than one lens.  It is also meant to help to give its readers the skills to see through the mis-truths of those that would peddle disinformation.  In other words, The Adventures of Grim Willard book series in one  which aims to empower its readers, at the same time inoculating them against cult-like thinking

Before you decide whether or not this Book Series is right for you, it is important for you to first understand the

Grim nature of this story.

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